The sweet beauty of the West will be more brilliant when visitors come here to the water season, which is also the season of water lily blooming on the river. Explore the western region of the lilies season blooming between August and October.

Rainy season is a wild water lily that races in the rivers, canals, ponds and ponds across Long An, Vinh Long, Dong Thap, My Tho, Can Tho and Bac Lieu regions. Water lilies in the West are mostly partly red waterlily, but mostly white waterlily.

The vitality of this plant is amazing. There is no need for anyone to take care of, burying the body, burying the roots in the deep soil, the rainy season and the trees growing up. Where the rising water is, the tree is high there. Therefore, when the flood season comes, people go to harvest water lilies, water lilies that are several meters long.

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